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November 1, 2008  Live Structure Burn
Firefighters from Long View Fire Department participated in a Live Structure Burn on November 1st.
This burn was held in conjunction with a Firefighter 1 & 2 Fire Control class. Over 30 firefighters
representing Long View, Icard, St. Stephens, Conover, Stewart Simmons and Bethlehem participated
in the burn. The structure was built in the 1940's and was located where Seagle's Junk Yard once
resided. The house offered firefighters with more than 30 interior fire attacks before it was determined
to be unsafe to enter. Additional photos from the burn can be found at the F.D. Photos Page.
November 21, 2008 MVA Rollover
At 0915 HRS Long View Fire responded to a reported MVA with rollover on Old Shelby Rd. First arriving
units confirmed a rollover involving a SUV with no patients in the vehicle. Long View Fire assisted with
patient care and traffic control. Two patients were treated and transported by Catawba County EMS.

Units Responding: Long View C-1, E-22, Hickory Rescue-1, Catawba County EMS and NCSHP
November 21, 2008 Reported Commercial Structure Fire
Long View Station 2 along with Conover Engine 3 in place of Station 64 responded to a commercial
structure fire. First arriving units found a small fire on a grille. The fire was extinguished with a 20lb
ABC extinguisher. The Conover crew provided ventilation to the structure. Estimated damage was
$300.00 for loss of food and cleaning cost.

Units Responding: Long View C-1, L-25, E-24 and 15E-3.
December 5, 2008 Residential Structure Fire
Long View and Icard Fire responded to a reported residential structure fire around 04:30 on Friday the
5th of December 2008. Units on the scene found a 1,200 square foot residence with an audible alarm
from a smoke detector activation. A 1.75" attack line was advanced to extinguish a small fire in the
structures bathroom. Approximately $3,500 damage was done to the structure and contents.

Responding units included, Long View C-1, E-24, L-25, Icard E-644, Catawba County EMS 3Medic-1 and
Hickory Rescue Truck 3 and 4.
December 6, 2008 Illegal Burn
On Saturday, December the 6th around 4:00pm Long View and Icard Fire responded to a reported
woods fire near Hwy 70 SW and 40th St. Dr. SW. Engine 22 and Engine 644 on the scene found large
flames and heavy smoke showing. Upon size up crews found a subject had pushed down an old house
and set it on fire. Crews also found the fire getting into the woods with very limited access to the area.
The crews used approximately 2000 gallons of water to contain the blaze along with a small tractor that
was on the scene. The Catawba County Fire Marshall's Office was notified.

Responding Crews included - Long View C-1, E-22, Icard C-1, E-644, E-642, B-653 and Long View P.D.
December 14th 2008 Residential Structure Fire

On Sunday, December the 14th around 4:45pm the Long View and Icard Fire responded to a residential
structure fire at 61 28th St NW. The first unit on the scene reported smoke showing from the eve, near
the rear of the structure. Upon size up the attack crew determined there was an electrical wiring
problem and called for the power to be disconnected. Overhaul and ventilation was performed to the
affected area of the structure. No injuries were reported.

Units Responding : Long View C-1, E-24, L-25 Icard C-1, E-644, Tk-656 Mtn.View Fire Personnel CCEMS
Medic-1, Hickory Rescue
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December 19, 2008  Residential Structure Fire

On Friday, December the 19th around 9:30pm Long View and Icard Fire responded to a residential
structure fire. The first unit on the scene, E-24 reported a working fire and requested E-644 to
establish a water source. C-1 on the scene took command and requested a second alarm and Hickory
Engine 3 for manpower. Attack crews took about an hour to gain control of the fire. No injuries were

Units Responding : Long View C-1, E-24, L-25, E-22 Icard E-644, Tk-656 Hickory E-3
CCFMO Unit-3, CCEMS Medic-1, Hickory Rescue Tk-3
February 8, 2009 Working Structure Fire
Early Sunday morning Long View Fire was dispatched to a report of smoke coming from a structure.
While responding, firefighters were notified by Catawba Fire Dispatch that Law Enforcement was on the
scene and confirmed a working structure fire. L-25 requested a second alarm for LVFD and manpower
from Icard Fire. First arriving Long View unit advised heavy fire coming from the structure. A mutual aid
request was made for Mountain View, George Hildebran, Drowning Creek Fire Departments. Hickory E-3
& L-1 were also requested. Firefighters contained the fire near the Fire Wall area and prevented the fire
from extending into the rest of the structure. Firefighters remained on scene well after dark. The
Catawba County Fire Marshal's Office and the ATF were also requested respond. Over 70 Firefighters
respresenting 6 Fire Departments responded to this incident.

Units Responding: Long View C-200, C-1, C-2, L-25, E-24, E-22, Icard C-640, C-1, E-644, TR-656 &
Personnel, Hickory E-3 & L-1, Mt. View C-120, E-122, TK-123, QRV & Personnel, Drowning Creek TK-782
& Personnel, George Hildebran TR-739 & Personnel, Catawba County EMS 3 Medic 11, Hickory Rescue
TR-3, SBI, ATF & Long View P.D.
January 30, 2009 Working Vehicle Fire

Around  0634  HRS Long View Fire responded to a reported vehicle fire. First arriving unit E-24 confirmed
a working vehicle fire with a structure threatened. A close by second vehicle also became partially
involved. Icard Fire was requested to respond due to a structure being threatened. Firefighters quickly
extinguished both vehicle fires after arriving.

Units Responding: Long View C-200, C-1, E-24, Icard Fire C-640, E-641, Catawba EMS 3 Medic 11, Hickory
Rescue Truck 5
February 23, 2009 Working Vehcle Fire
At 18:20 hrs. Long View Fire responded to a possible vehicle fire on I-40. First arriving units found a fully
involved semi-truck with full fuel tanks. Control was established in less than 10 minutes and an
investigation found the truck was having electrical issues prior to the fire. Icard E-651 responded along
with station 2 to provide water if needed.

Responding units included Long View C-1, E-24 Icard E-651
June 2, 2009 ( Commercial Structure Fire )

Long View Fire responded Auto-Aid to Mtn. View Fire Department for a reported Commercial
Structure fire. L-25 on scene, assisted with ventilation and manpower.

Responding Units:  Included L-25, C-1, POVs
June 11, 2009 ( MVA w/ Injuries )

At approximately 1030 HRS Long View Fire responded to a reported MVA with injuries. First arriving
unit L-25 found a 2 vehicle head on collision. Crews assisted with patient care until EMS arrived to

Responding Units: L-25, E-24, POV's, Hickory Rescue, Rescue 1, POV's
June 8, 2009 ( Residential Structure Fire, Mutual Aid to Icard )

Long View Fire responded to assist Icard F.D. for a working structure fire. Engine 22 on scene
assisted with overhaul and water supply.

Responding Units E-22 & C-2
May 27, 2009 ( Deck Fire )

At approximately 0930 HRS Long View Fire along with Icard Fire auto aid, responded to a possible
deck fire. L-25 first on the scene found the fire out. The cause of the fire was ruled a faulty A/C unit
catching decorative pine needles on fire underneath the deck, which also housed a trash can.
Damage was estimated around $8,000 for the A/C unit and electrical panel which sustained a great
amount of damage.

Responding Units Included Long View E-22, E-24, L-25, POV's and Icard E-644
May 22, 2009 ( Grill Fire )

At approximately 1800 HRS Long View Fire responded to a grill fire close to a residential structure at
612 22nd St. S.W. E-24 first on the scene found a LP gas grille inside a closed in poarch connected
to the back of the structure. No actual flame damage had occurred but excesive heat damaged the
vinyl above the grille and a ceiling fan was visible.

Responding Units included C-1, E-24, L-25, E-22 and POVs
June 28, 2009 ( MVA w/ Injuries )

At 2355 HRS Long View Fire responded to an MVA with injury involving multiple powerpoles,
powerlines and a fire hydrant. L-25 first on the scene found a single vehicle accident with minor
injuries. One power pole had broken about half way down and was blocking the roadway. The
vehicle caused minor damage to the other power pole and decapitated a fire hydrant. The subject
was transported via EMS to be checked out. Duke Power arrived and took control of the scene.

Responding Units included C-1, L-25, E-24, TK-21 and POVs
July 4, 2009

At 1547 HRS Long View Fire responded to a report of smoke coming from a porta john. L-25 on the
scene found a working latreen fire. The attack crew used 100 gallons of water to extinguish the fire.
Upon investigation it is believed to intentionally set.

Responding Units include L-25, E-22, POVs
July 4, 2009 Electrical Fire

At 1637 HRS Long View Fire responded to a possible electrical fire in a residential structure. Units
on the scene searched the structure with the thermal imaging camera (TIC) but found nothing.
While on the scene firefighters performed a demonstration and showed their firefighting equipment
to the neighborhood children.

Responding Units included E-24, E-22, L-25, POVs
July 13, 2009 MVA w/ Rollover

At 0648 HRS Long View Fire responded to a reported MVA involving 1 vehicle at the I-40 121
Westbound Off-Ramp. First arriving units confirmed 1 vehicle on it side. The only occupant of the
vehicle was standing nearby and was not injured. Firefighters assisted with Traffic Control.

Responding Units: E-22, TR-21, Catawba EMS 3-Medic 1, NCDOT-IMAP.